Meet Jesse Tennison

Jesse is a craftsman from Southwest Michigan who has a passion for changing spaces into places. Spaces are cold, unmemorable, and do not function to capacity. By contrast, places are warm, engaging, and functional - where we make lasting memories that become part of who we are. Changing a space into a place takes thought, time, and toil. It combines craft with art - a process Jesse believes is still done best by hand. 

The Tennison House of Carpentry is both a company and an actual place - Jesse's own home. And it is through the Tennison House, an on-going journey of space-to-place, that he continues to develop new tools and talents that he would like to share with you. 

Creating new places doesn't have to be the headache of number crunching and hoping you can find someone you can trust. If you are considering making changes to your own place, drop Jesse a line or give him a call. He would love to meet you, share ideas with you, and work with you to create a place you can connect with for years to come.